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County Officials Join Group to Urge Texans to Serve

Thursday, February 27, 2014
Corpus Christi, TX

Despite compensation increases enacted by the Texas legislature in 2005, there are still jury no-shows. At a morning news conference held at the Nueces County Courthouse, the Bay Area Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse and several Nueces County officials joined together to remind the public of the importance of jury service with the launch of a public service campaign.

“Jury service is one of the best weapons we have against lawsuit abuse,” said Connie Scott, President of Bay Area Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse (BACALA). “Not only is jury service a responsibility, it is a privilege we want to encourage all eligible citizens to embrace. By returning an impartial verdict, jurors make sure our courts are used for justice, not greed.”

Listen to the campaign’s current radio spot by clicking here!

Bay Area Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse (BACALA) is a not-for-profit, nonpartisan grassroots movement of concerned citizens and businesses who are fighting against lawsuit abuse in the Corpus Christi area. BACALA serves as a watchdog to challenge the abuse of our civil justice system, and engages the public and the media to deliver the message that lawsuit abuse is alive and well in Texas — and that all Texans are paying the price.